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Our Services Set Us Apart from the Competition

Perhaps the best thing about the services offered by CitiCouriers is that we are always available. 24/7 courier service is a keystone of the services offered.

Cargo Services

Any cargo will be transported with an utmost attention to detail and professionalism. With a fleet of both cargo vans and large trucks you can be sure that we have the perfect vehicle to move your cargo. Any special directions can be followed exactly so that we can fit into your distribution chain as smoothly as it is possible for us to do so.

Fast Messenger Service

With a higher than 90% success rate on meeting our guaranteed times, you can be assured that placing an order with CitiCouriers will get your package to its destination when you want it too. You tell us how long it should take to deliver your package, not the other way around. You can select any option from our rush service to a 6 hour service, with every option in between available in half hour increments. Our goal isn't just to get it there when you want it to be there, but to get it there sooner. From less than one hour to six hours - we work for you in response to the daily demands of your business. Our delivery options are: Rush - Asap, 1.5 hr, 2 hr, 2.5 hr, 3 hr, 3.5 hr, 4 hr, 4.5 hr 6 hr

Legal Services

CitiCouriers also offers legal services such as serving subpoenas and notary services. We are also well versed in all the filing procedures that you would require from your legal courier service.

Medical Services

No area of the courier industry is as important and critical as medical delivery, when lives can literally hang in the balance. We provide the fastest medical service possible, every time.

Same Day Service

It doesn't matter if you need it done the same day, on a holiday, Sunday, or any other day, at any time of the night. We offer 24 hour pickup service, and can always complete your delivery for you, regardless of what it says on the calendar, or on the clock. We're always there for you!